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In 1993, TANDEM-V was founded in Bulgaria. We built it to become the quality standard for the Salami & Sausage Making Industry in post-communist Bulgaria and established the TANDEM trade mark synonymous today with quality product with the highest customer recognition. During our long journey we learned to:
  • Listen to our customers
  • Satisfy their wishes
  • Watch for their health & well-being
  • Make them happy
In 2007, Bulgaria joined the European Union and we followed our customers in every corner of the old continent. The ancient traditions, unforgettable taste and product recognition put us on the stage of the United European Marketplace. In 2012, Tandem USA LLC was founded. We bought a local Salami & Sausage making factory in the Chicago land area and we are ready to follow the lead of our customers from Eastern Europe. People, who left their homeland for better future for themselves & their families, but will always long and will never forget the taste of their childhood. The taste, they want to share with their US born children and their new friends from the New World. We reach out to find the right business partners and vendors willing to work as hard as we can!

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